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    3 Jun 2017 Posted By Tyrone G.

    How to Dispose of Cat Litter

    If you have a cat at home and it is not litter-trained, the easiest thing that you can do is to clean up the litter with the help of a tissue and flush it. But if the cat is trained and poops in the litter box, then it depends on what material the cat box is.

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    4 Jun 2017 Posted By Reba B.

    Common Misconceptions of African Cichlid Behavior

    The African Cichlid is a tropical and semi-aggressive fish that has a long life span and mostly spends its time in the middle levels of the water. Despite their semi-aggression, they are a favorite for freshwater aquariums and are capable of scooting from the top to the bottom of the water.

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    4 Jun 2017 Posted By Max M.

    The Secrets of Healing Cat Wounds

    If you have a cat, then you know that they can get into some mischief. If you let them go in and out as they please, you will find that sometimes your cat will come back home with various bites and scratches from a cat fight.

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    6 Jun 2017 Posted By Rochelle C.

    Is Your New Dog Driving You Mad?

    So you bought a new dog, brought it home and now you find that the novelty has worn off a bit. It used to be funny when he started eating your shoes or the furniture and knocking the kids down but now its turning into a bit of a problem for you.You need to employ some basic dog training.

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    6 Jun 2017 Posted By Anthony G.

    Improving Your Pet's Health With Several Different Hamster Toys

    Toys are a necessary part of any hamsters life. There are a few reasons for this but the most obvious one is health related. Both Syrian and dwarf hamsters need exercise to be healthy and happy. This is a bit of a challenge for hamsters because their cages are often too small to run around in.

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