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    9 Jun 2017 Posted By Anita B.

    Why Buy a Heated Dog Bed

    Most dogs will benefit greatly from having a heated dog bed. This type of bed is especially beneficial to dogs who sleep outside or in places that have cold floors. Heated beds for dogs can actually prevent a dog from suffering muscle injury, as the heat keeps the muscles warm and supple.

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    10 Jun 2017 Posted By Jake H.

    The Art of Yorkie Grooming

    Yorkies are famous for their soft, flowing coats. But, it takes a great deal of care to keep the fur in tip-top condition. Fortunately, it is easy to learn how to care for your Yorkshire terrier's coat.

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    16 Jun 2017 Posted By Steve B.

    Don't Let Fido Get Sick As A Dog!

    You love your dog. And like most dog-owners, you likely consider your dog to be a part of your family. That is why your dog's health is so important. Just as you would be concerned about the health of a child, you should be concerned about the health of your dog.

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    22 Jun 2017 Posted By Eric G.

    Dog Clicker Training Reinforces Positive Behavior

    Training dogs has many methods and one of these methods is called Dog Clicker Training. It is used to train dogs, but was first introduced to train dolphins. It allowed the use of a clicker or a clicking sound to communicate to the dolphins as they swam under the water.

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    23 Jun 2017 Posted By Ron C.

    Spider Identification

    With air travel and growth of tourism, we often come into close contact with creatures we are not familiar with in our native land. Both Australia and South Africa are popular tourist destinations and home to a large population of spiders, many of them venomous.

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