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17 Jun 2017
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Indoor Cat Versus Outdoor Cat: What Do You Do?


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Posted By Randall C.

Should your cat be an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? This is one of the more debatable and critical choices you must resolve as a cat person. How do you juggle the desires, security, and safety of a Happy Healthy Cat versus its needs? Will your cat be happy with cat climbing furniture or cat climbing trees for activity? Will it be fulfilled in cat condos houses or cat condos with stairs for that extra exercise?

Outdoor Cats

It is not always remembered that our cats are wild animals with a bit of domestication thrown in. They are created to the same characteristics as a wild cat is. They have the desire to hunt and catch their quarries. They live to stalk the local wildlife. If you present any opportunity, they'll happily bring you back prey, adroitness made obvious. They will want your praise and approval of course, so don't freak out, since you will only confuse them!

The problem, to be sure, is that it's an unsafe world out there. They will not be the ultimate predators, and wolves / coyotes / dogs would be glad to harm them. There are illness and natural germs they can catch. Vehicles are extremely threatening to creatures of all types. Often the deadliest predator can be other people with malice in mind. We do no favors by assuming the best intentions out of a populace that runs the entire gamut.

Indoor Cats

Indoor cats lose adventure for assurance. They have an assured meal time. The threatening traffic they endure will be clumsy humans, which are far softer and less dangerous than a steel vehicle. Plus, they're fun to play with! A great selection of toys exists for their "playing with prey" enjoyment.

It is more difficult for an indoor cat to remain active, but methods abound to help them exercise. A simple corollary to this is not letting your cat overeat, certainly. They will obviously be disappointed not to be out in the world, hunting down dinner.

Your cat can always perch on cat climbing furniture or cat climbing trees and look out through glass at the world. They can repose in their cat condos houses or cat condos with stairs to climb. There's a huge selection but you can usually find cheap cat condos on the net. These concerns will be vital to mull over to ensure your cat remains a happy healthy cat.

Comments (3)

By Grover G. on JUN 19 2017 @ 8:04AM

My cat loves his tree, I got a really huge one, it's like 6 feet tall, but it was well worth it.

By Clarence L. on JUN 18 2017 @ 8:16PM

I feel so bad for our Sushi, she really wants to go outside, but it's just not possible since we live in an apartment.

By Eleanor B. on JUN 18 2017 @ 12:17PM

If cats start out indoors from when they're born, they usually adjust to it just fine.

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