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7 Jun 2017
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Who Doesn't Want The Best Dog Food?


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Posted By Alfonso S.

It isn't easy to know which brand and kind of dog food to buy. When shopping for your new dog for the first time, it can be a little hard to know what to buy. When you make a visit to your local pet store or supermarket, there are so many unique types and brands of food to choose from. The aisle has rows and rows of assorted brands, flavors and types of food. So which brand or texture of food do you buy? With almost all of the cans having images of raw vegetables and meats, people tend to steer towards the cheapest food since they all seem to be the same.

If you truly want what's best for your pet, you should never buy food for your dog based on what is cheapest on the market. While not always the case, the cheapest food typically is the least healthy for your dog, as it contains a bunch of fillers on top of the meats and vegetables that it advertises. Just because it has pictures of healthy ingredients on the outside of the package doesn't mean that the majority of what's inside is what's on the picture.

In advance of purchasing food for your dog, you need to be aware of the breed and characteristics of your pet. Nutritional requirements vary from breed to breed, so the best dog food for your pet is one specially formulated for your specific variety of dog. An example of this is whether you have a small breed or a large breed of dog. Small dogs should be fed a food made for them. Large dogs like pit bulls need food that's made specially for large dogs. Another example is whether your dog is very active or tends to relax a lot. Active dogs would need a lot of protein in their food to give them the energy to be active. Lazy dogs can be fed the same high protein food, but can be fed much less to keep a healthy weight and not be heavy.

Before you buy any food for your dog when you are at the store to purchase some, you should look at the ingredients on the can. Though you will see many things on the can, the first three to five ingredients, or the primary ingredients are what make up most of the food inside. If the first or second ingredient on the can happens to be rice, potatoes or corn, then the food is mostly filler and is definitely not the best dog food for your pet.

While looking at the pet store, you can even find organic dog food available. These are not permeated with synthetics such as chemicals or hormones that really can harm your pet in the long run. Though organic dog food can be a lot more expensive, these foods may even help your pet live a longer, fuller life because they are natural.

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By Kenny O. on JUN 9 2017 @ 8:20AM

Is raw beef ok for dogs?

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