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24 Jun 2017

Proper Parrot Care for First Time Parrot Owners


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Posted By Jess J.

Parrots make entertaining and lovable pets. Because of their high intelligence levels, their ability to mimic, and their sensitivity to the world around them, proper parrot care is essential in providing a happy and healthy home for a parrot companion. Regardless of what parrot species you choose, cage care, a well balanced diet, proper grooming, and love are all necessary aspects of good parrot care.

Another important aspect of parrot care is the proper feeding and meeting their nutritional needs. Parrots require a healthy, well-balanced, and creatively varied diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, soft foods, protein pellets, and enriched seed and nut mixes. Keeping a parrot's curious nature alive with a stimulating diet plan will increase their quality of life and overall happiness.

Cage care is essential for the well being of a parrot. Cages should, first of all, be the proper size for a parrot. The larger the cage the is the easier it will be for a parrot to relax, stretch their wings, and feel at home. Cages come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on a parrot's size and owner preference, cage options should be researched well. Informed choices should be made for the well being and proper care of a parrot friend. Typically considered to be "dirty" birds, parrots have gotten a bad reputation in that regards. However, that need not be the case. Caring properly for a parrot pet includes cleaning and maintaining a healthy cage environment. Cages should be lined with clean paper or newspaper and changed daily. Food and feces should be wiped off the cage and perches daily. Food and water dishes should be washed twice daily. And, finally, every 2-3 months the entire cage, including perches and toys, should be washed thoroughly with mild soap and water.

With the many parrot varieties on the market, it may be difficult to choose which parrot companion is best for you. The African Gray Parrot has become a popular choice because of their large vocabulary range and mimicry abilities. Research must be done prior to purchasing a parrot. A very important aspect of parrot care is understanding the huge commitment that having a parrot as a pet is. On average, a medium to large sized parrot can live 50-80 years. They are a lifelong commitment, and understanding that they will require patience, love, and attention is the first step in properly caring for a new parrot friend.

Grooming a parrot friend is also important for their personal care as well as owner safety. A parrot's beak and claws can become very sharp if not properly cared for. A parrot's beak and claws must be trimmed on a routine basis to ensure that harm does not come to parrot or owner. Because most parrots prefer tropical, rainforest type weather, showering them with a slow showerhead or spray bottle can help to simulate baths they would take in the wild. Bathing a parrot daily can be a form of entertainment for both parrot an owner, and it is also a vital part of parrot care.

Parrots are playful, affectionate, and super smart. Owners need to understand the extreme importance of their needs and how to meet each one. With proper care parrots will thrive in a home environment.


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