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22 Jun 2017

Dog Clicker Training Reinforces Positive Behavior


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Posted By Eric G.

Training dogs has many methods and one of these methods is called Dog Clicker Training. It is used to train dogs, but was first introduced to train dolphins. It allowed the use of a clicker or a clicking sound to communicate to the dolphins as they swam under the water. The clicker method was found to be useful for other animals as well, including puppies, fish, elephants and other animals.

A clicker is a simple metal gadget that creates a click sound that does not waver in volume or pitch. It is a quick single sound that animals are not afraid of and can respond to quickly. This type of training is one of the most humane ways to train a dog. It does not hurt the body of the dog or injure the dogs ears. Dog clicker training is used to associate the sound of the clicker with the desired behavior the trainer or owner seeks.

When the dog obeys the trainer, the sound of the click rewards the dog and sometimes a small treat is given simultaneously. Without the click, a treat alone can confuse the dog as it sometimes is not given quickly enough. The dog and especially a puppy can move around and wiggle a lot and thus the dog will not know what it is being rewarded for. Pared with the click, the dog associates the good behavior immediately to the click and not just a treat.

At first, the trainer or owner will start clicker training by rewarding the dog with a click and a small treat for behavior that it is already doing. For example, if the dog is on a leash, and needing to walk slowly beside the owner, a quick click and treat will teach the dog that this behavior is good. If the dog starts to run ahead, or starts to chase a squirrel, the dog is not going to receive a click and a treat until the behavior is calm and walking next to the owner again.

Also, this is good to modify the dogs behavior if the dog has an issue with barking at people when they come to visit . This behavior is unacceptable and will not be rewarded but once the dog stops this negative behavior it is rewarded with the sound of the click once again.

Once the dog learns to wait for the positive reinforcement of the clicker, he will learn at a quicker rate than just with voice commands or treats. Dog clicker training, voice commands with body language can all be used together to help the dog learn at a faster rate.

Dog clicker training not only teaches the dog positive behavior and good habits, but can also teach a dog to reject bad habits such as chewing or barking. Dog clicker training is not just the responsibility of the owner to raise a puppy correctly but can add to the overall generation of the canine community. The dog will be a happier one.


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